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First Lady Says US Kids Face “Inactivity Crisis”

America’s children are experiencing a “crisis of inactivity,” First Lady Michelle Obama said last week during a talk in Washington on behalf of Let’s Move!. “We may well be raising the most sedentary generation of kids in the history of this country,” she said, citing overexposure to television, video games and cellphones as major causes of the problem. IHRSA was in attendance at the event, which was aimed at finding new ways to get American youth to exercise more. 

Mrs. Obama’s speech acknowledged an important, often overlooked subtlety, which is that “physical inactivity,” while related, is separate from the “obesity crisis.” Mrs. Obama went on to say that, “It’s about how active our kids are. That’s what I want to talk about today…and what each of us can do to start solving that problem.”

The first lady encouraged the audience to find new ways to get kids to exercise, suggesting that schools include physical activity in music and math classes, that faith leaders form “exercise ministries” for their congregations and toy manufacturers develop video games “that get kids moving their entire bodies, not just their thumbs.”

Read the full text of remarks here.

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