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Congress Suffers from Inactivity Too

According to the Boston Globe, “Congress is close to wrapping up one of its least productive sessions in recent memory,” due to the very small number of bills that passed both the Senate and House this year, compared to other nonelection years, says the newspaper. It also provides the following data:

  • Through Nov. 30, the House had passed 326 bills, the fewest in at least 10 nonelection years, according to annual tallies in the Congressional Record.
  • The Senate had approved 368 measures, the fewest since 1995.
  • By comparison, the House approved 970 bills in 2009 and 1,127 in 2007.
  • The Senate totals for those years were 478 and 621, respectively.

Whether this drop in output is good or bad depends on one’s personal view, and the reasons for it as well. However, there is no arguing that the numbers are significantly lower than those of previous Congresses, and that, on a very basic level, it has something to do with the partisan gridlock currently prevailing in both chambers. More bills are expected to pass before the end of the year, but not enough to make up the glaring gap.

IHRSA is proud to say that, despite the gridlock, we successfully passed Senate Resolution 97, and introduced both the WHIP and PHIT Acts this year, each with strong bipartisan support in both the Senate and House.

Read the full article here.

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