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Clubs can “Dramatically Impact” US Obesity

In an interview with a local California media outlet, North Bay Business Journal, the founder of Club One, Inc. and now managing director of Clubsource, Jill Kinney, discussed how health clubs can play an even bigger role in the fight against obesity and chronic disease.

According to Kinney, there is an emerging gray area between primary care and primary prevention. “Health clubs have generally catered to people who are well and medical groups have generally catered to people who are sick, but the roles are blurring,” she tells the paper. “At the heart of most illness is lack of exercise and obesity.  Health clubs provide a safe and effective place for people to get regular exercise. If Americans exercised regularly, we’d see a dramatic decline in health care costs.”

Kinney says that as the focus shifts from doctors’ offices, prescription drugs and costly treatments and surgeries, to wellness, the opportunity for health clubs to expand their markets and have a meaningful impact on the health of the United States. “The health club industry is actively involved in working with the Obama Administration and state governments to positively shift the health of Americans and has been for two decades,” says Kinney. “As more emphasis shifts to prevention, health clubs will be there to provide quality, personalized care including online assessments, exercise and diet logs, social networking with trainers, members and physicians and other tools that allow people to manage their health and fitness.”

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