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IHRSA supports Prevention and Public Health Fund

IHRSA added its signature to a sign-on letter from 100 national organizations to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (also known as the “Supercommittee”) asking them to not cut funding for American health promotion programs, in particular, the Prevention and Public Health Fund.

The letter stresses the significant impact prevention programs have on health and the economy, citing compelling return on investment figures about the health care cost-savings associated with health promotion. “If we take action to prevent obesity and reduce the prevalence of related chronic disease and illness, the study estimates that we could achieve significant savings for both private payers and federal and states’ governments – even a 1 percent reduction in the average BMI of Americans could result in as many as 2.4 million avoided cases of diabetes, 1.7 million cases of cardiovascular disease, and 127,000 cases of cancer in the next two decades.”

As the letter states, there is no better time for supporting health promotion. “At a time when today's children are in danger of becoming the first generation in American history to live shorter, less healthy lives than their parents, we need to get serious as a nation about our commitment to prevention, wellness, and preparedness.”

Read the full letter.