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Retired Generals: Childhood Obesity Threatens National Security

“Obesity rates threaten the overall health of America and the future strength of our military,” according to Rear Admiral Jamie Barnett US Navy (Ret.).

Admiral Barnett is a member of a non-profit, bipartisan organization of senior military leaders, Mission: Readiness (, dedicated to “ensuring continued American security and prosperity into the 21st century by calling for smart investments in the upcoming generation of American children.” In April 2010, the group released a report, “Too Fat to Fight,” that highlighted the obesity epidemic’s negative impact on the availability of military recruits. One of the goals of the group is to advocate for “new school-based strategies, based on research, that help parents and children adopt healthier life-long eating and exercise habits.”

The advocacy work of Mission: Readiness is one of the greatest examples of the need for a comprehensive, national strategy to fight obesity.