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IHRSA Advocacy


IHRSA Advocacy seeks to: 

  • Grow the industry by enacting legislation, supporting policies and providing resources that drive more people to be active and join a health club.

  • Promote the industry by working with the highest level health organizations,  government agencies and media, positioning health clubs as the primary solution for solving the inactivity crisis.

  • Protect the industry from proposed regulations and taxes that would increase the cost and difficulty of operating a club by opposing the advancement of unfavorable legislation.


Industry Issues 

IHRSA provides legal and legislative information on issues such as ADA, AEDs, bonding, employment law, injury liability, single gender clubs, locker-room privacy and more. Learn more at

To protect your club from these issues, IHRSA tracks each and every bill introduced in all 50 states, gathering information from and strategizing with our state and DC lobbyists, and by working with IHRSA and Industry Leadership Council (ILC) members. 

How to be Involved in Advocacy  

  • Join the Industry Leadership Council, club owners from all types of club businesses as well as industry suppliers that understand the importance of investing time and resources to Grow, Promote and Protect the industry.