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Advocacy Testimonials

What your peers say about IHRSA's Advocacy Efforts and ILC Membership:


"Supporting IHRSA’s Industry Leadership Council is like supporting your volunteer fire department---you never know when you’ll need them."  ~ Phil Wendel, acac

"IHRSA Public Policy functions as a sentinel that's watching out for all of us, alerting when there's a need for defense, rallying when there's an opportunity for proactive initiatives. It would be nice of more clubs were engaged. we could do more for the industry overall with more involvement. Together we're stronger." ~ Bill McBride, Active Sports Clubs

"Thank you so much for putting our money to work and doing everything you can to protect this country’s citizens and the entire health club industry. You are a vital component of the future success of an important segment of our nation’s health and wellness initiative, the health clubs." ~ Paul Rothbard, In-Shape Health Clubs

We will all face a fight from a Non-profit or a Governmental Agency and when that fight is upon you it is important to be prepared with a team ready for the fight.  IHRSA has provided that team and knowledge to help us in the battle.” ~ Rodney Steven II, Owner Genesis Health Clubs 

"When New York State attempted to pass a 6% sales tax on health club membership dues a few years back IHRSA saved the day. Their assistance was crucial in defeating the bill. As a small club owner/operator it can be really scary and upsetting to see a misguided state legislature look at the fitness industry as a source for increasing tax revenues without input from anyone. IHRSA rallied club owners from across the state to lobby and defeat the bill at the state capitol. It was a truly wonderful and gratifying result and a great lesson in the value that IHRSA brings to our industry. I can't think of a better investment that a club owner can make by contributing to the ILC for the health and wellbeing of our industry, and more importantly, our businesses." ~ Rick Beusman, Saw Mill Sports Management  

"In my view, contributing isn’t a choice, but, rather, an obligation, especially in a relatively young and growing industry such as our own, which can be helped or harmed by legislation. We face many potential threats, ranging from sales taxes, to bonding requirements, to AED legislation, to restrictions on how we structure our membership agreements. Many club owners don’t realize that their IHRSA dues can’t cover the cost of the resulting battles, and the reality is that, at some point, most clubs will face at least one of these challenges. A few dollars invested today could save ten fold in lost earnings should harmful legislation pass because there was inadequate resources to find it or fight it." ~ Scott Gillespie, Saco Sport & Fitness 

"It is not only vital for club operators to contribute to the ILC but also to play an active role in supporting favorable legislation and fighting against legislation that is detrimental and costly to our businesses. The cost to contribute is minimal relative to the cost that would be incurred if unfavorable legislation is passed. We need to protect our businesses and our industry through our united efforts, and promote the critical role that we play in ensuring the health and wellness of the population we serve." ~ Janine Williams, Leisure Sports 

"IHRSA is actively promoting the benefit of exercise in our clubs. They're lobbying on our behalf for favorable programs and legislation. They're fighting in our defense against all sorts of issues that would be detrimental to our clubs and profitability. we need more clubs to join us, to make us stronger, to increase our voice and to share the passion beyond their immediate business." ~ Brent Darden, Darden Consulting 

"The health club industry is poised to become a big part of a health care revolution. Without public policy advocates we risk not being part of the solution. I contribute every year to ensure that our industry has a seat at the table." ~Bryan O’Rourke, Integerus 

"We support IHRSA’s advocacy efforts because we feel it creates a healthy industry. We would not be here without IHRSA. The work is critical to our business." ~ Jim Worthington, Newtown Athletic Club

"We feel it is essential to support the work IHRSA does on taxes and other critical issues. We have been contributing consistently for ten years to help the entire industry and feel it is a good investment." ~ Jim Thompson, Oakland Hills Tennis Club

"I contribute to support the industry. We feel it’s important to support IHRSA’s advocacy work for the livelihood of the industry." ~ Ed Williams, Wellbridge

"PRO Sports Club has been a member since the founding of IHRSA. I have always felt that IHRSA’s allocation of funds has properly targeted important state and federal legislative affecting taxation and other issues. I believe WHIP and other initiatives will be very beneficial to our company, and a company our size need IHRSA’s presence in Washington DC to keep lobbying for these important health initiatives." ~ Dick Knight, Pro Sports Clubs