IHRSA Advocacy

IHRSA’s mission is to grow, promote and protect the health club industry. To carry out this mission, IHRSA advocates for legislation that would attract more people to health clubs, and against legislation that would interfere with club operations and hinder profitability.

IHRSA's Advocacy Services are a Primary Benefit for all IHRSA Members. These services include: 

  • Promoting Health Clubs as the solution to the inactivity epidemic
  • Growing the Number of People Exercising in Clubs through proactive legislation, and
  • Protecting Clubs from Hazardous Legislation, Misguided Regulations and Taxes
  • Legal and Legislative Information
  • Health Promotion and Activity Promotion

Protecting Clubs from Harmful Legislation, Taking Advantage of Legislative Opportunities to Encourage Physical Activity

IHRSA helps ensure that local, state and federal government decisions support strong and friendly business climates, quality growth, and economic opportunity for all health clubs. 

IHRSA does this by tracking each and every bill introduced in all 50 states, gathering information from and strategizing with our state and DC lobbyists, and by working with IHRSA and Industry Leadership Council (ILC) members on the ground.

Promoting Health Clubs as the Solution to the Inactivity Epidemic

IHRSA regularly communicates the importance of physical activity and the benefits of exercise in a health club through Media, PR and Strategic Alliances, as well as directly to lawmakers, medical professionals and business leaders. Learn more at ihrsa.org/industry-leadership.

Industry Issues

IHRSA provides legal and legislative information on issues such as ADA, AEDs, Bonding, Employment Law, Injury Liability, Single Gender Clubs and Transgendered People. Learn more at ihrsa.org/industry-issues.

Promoting the Value of Physical Activity

IHRSA is continually making the case that physical activity is part of the solution for the healthcare, chronic disease, and obesity crises. Learn more about IHRSA's Health Promotion efforts at ihrsa.org/health-promotion.

How to be Involved in Advocacy  

  • Join the Industry Leadership Council - The Industry Leadership Council is made up of club owners from all types of club companies as well as industry suppliers that understand the importance of investing time and resources to Grow, Promote and Protect the industry.
  • Read the IHRSA Industry Watch blog - A compilation of advocacy updates, leadership opportunities, and legal and legislative issues affecting the club industry.  
  • Pledge your support of IHRSA's efforts to Grow, Promote and Protect the industry at ihrsa.org/pledge or by downloading a pledge form here.