IHRSA Advocacy - Promoting and Protecting Your Business & Bottom Line

Promoting the Industry

At both the state and the federal level, IHRSA promotes positive health promotion legislation that would provide tax-credits and incentives for healthy lifestyles. 

Protecting the Industry

IHRSA defends the industry by preventing state legislatures from implementing harmful consumer protection legislation, restricting automatic renewals, licensing personal trainers and taxing membership dues. 

Health and Activity Promotion

IHRSA is continually making the case that physical activity is part of the solution for the healthcare, chronic disease, and obesity crises. Learn more about IHRSA's Health Promotion efforts at ihrsa.org/health-promotion.

Get Involved

1. Be an Industry Leader

The Industry Leadership Council is made up of club owners from all types of club companies as well as industry suppliers that understand the importance of investing time and resources to Grow, Promote and Protect the industry. The ILC contributes much needed funds so that IHRSA has the resources to protect clubs from harmful legislation, and to take advantage of opportunities that encourage exercise and activity.


2. Join the Campaign for a Healthier America

A national grassroots project bringing together exercise enthusiasts to make healthy lifestyles a priority for all Americans.


3. Get involved in the IHRSA Grassroots Initiative

Take action to make America a healthier place by educating legislators about the importance of regular exercise. Our online advocacy campaigns allow you to easily reach out to lawmakers. 


What You Need To Know

State Activity - Each year, IHRSA monitors and tracks hundreds of pieces of legislation in all 50 states. Learn what is happening in your state.

Federal Activity - Keep track of IHRSA's presence in Washington, DC, including the bills we support, the coalitions we work with and how 'primary prevention' is gaining attention on the national agenda. This section also includes information on Health Care Reform affects your club.

Capitol Report - Weekly e-mail newsletter about legal and legislative issues affecting the club industry. 

In Brief - This monthly column in CBI magazine explores timely legal issues that affect the industry. 

Briefing Papers - Series of informative, easy-to-understand legal issue papers. Each paper answers commonly asked questions about industry issues and the law.

International Public Policy - Find out what issues the industry faces at the international level.